Introducing the OVERRUNNERS





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thanks for dropping in to my website!  here you can see some of the STL filesets that I am now offering for sale - subject to these terms and conditions...

All the files, links and images posted on this website are meant for you and no one else. By downloading content made by Bob Naismith (Stls, images or shared links), you accept this Agreement and rules. (Distribution of images from this website alone can be copied provided that these copies carry a credit to Bob Naismith) 
You may only use the 3D content provided for personal use, and you are not allowed to distribute or sell them nor the prints.
You can cut/resize the files to fit better your printer and you can even modify them for your own personal use but you can't share those derivates in any way(just like the original files).

You can, of course, take photos, videos with those models (ideally to Paint sessions or Showing 3d printer results). In fact I would encourage this provide you credit the sculpts!
All copyrights belong to Bob Naismith, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. The designs are protected by intellectual property laws..


Female Infantry  fileset as STLs

To purchase any of these filesets please email me - the price is £14 per fileset (whole filesets only unless specified otherwise). Existing Patreons get a discount to £12.50 - prices and payments in GB Pounds please! Paypal is usually ok!


Jetbikes fileset as STLs